Experienced Since 2008

We focus on creativity, style, and accessibility

Our company focuses on creating gold jewellery ornaments that combine elegance and uniqueness. We have also been flexible enough to produce designs that people love. However, we have gone one step further to make our designs accessible with lightweight gold ornaments. So you spend less yet get something luxurious.

"We make jewellery that will be an extension of your personality!"

Our History

We began with inspiration for unique design and fine details

Roy Jewellery House came into existence because of Mr. Arup Roy’s passion for drawing. He founded this company in 2008 as he found it to be one of the best possible ways to actualize his creative pursuit.

Gold is precious. However, gold alone cannot be an extension of who you are unless it’s crafted to best suit your personality. Mr. Roy believes each piece must be as unique as an individual.

He also made his company open to his customers’ interests. It enables them to get the style and design they want through a free consultancy service or deep requirement analysis.

Why We are Different

First-class craftsmanship with artistic taste and customer-first principle

What sets us apart from the other jewellers is our craftsmanship, experience, artistic taste, and our ethics of placing our customers at the highest priority. Another thing our founder Mr. Arup Roy focuses on is accessibility. So we believe premium design on light-weight gold jewellery makes it affordable for most people. This is how everybody gets a piece of gold jewellery that they love and wants to keep forever.
Our Value

It's about what you want and not what we have

We aim to provide the ultimate shopping experience by understanding our customers’ true desires. Our business is not merely supplying what we have in store, but what our customers want. It opens up the possibility of developing a quality relationship and making it a memorable experience. Our care and love remain unaltered even after they leave our store.

Let's create it together and make it speak for you

Are you still wondering and unable to find the best piece of gold jewellery for yourself? You’ve found the right jeweller. Visit us and allow us to serve you that we bet will be a wonderful memorable experience.